The Bhumis are levels of attainment that mark the progress of a practitioner.  The stages are advancing in wisdom and awakening of the mind. 

1st Bhumi: The Very Joyous. One who rejoices in the realization aspects of truth. 

2nd Bhumi: The Stainless. One who is free from defilement. 

3rd Bhumi: The Light-Maker. One who radiates light of wisdom.

4th Bhumi: The Radiant Intellect. One who has burned away earthly desires with the flame of wisdom.

5th Bhumi: The Difficult to Master. One who moves beyond darkness and ignorance with embodiment of the middle way. 

6th Bhumi: The Manifest. One who begins to manifest supreme wisdom. 

7th Bhumi: The Gone Afar. One who rises above the states of the Two Vehicles (yanas).

8th Bhumi: The Immovable. One who dwells firmly in the Middle Way and can no longer be perturbed. 

9th Bhumi: The Good Intelligence. One who preaches the Dharma freely without restriction. 

10th Bhumi: The Cloud of Doctrine. One who benefits all sentient beings without exception, like the sun shining impartially on all things.