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We offer a wide range of programs to bring the yoga teachings into your daily life. From weekly online courses to year long intensives into Buddhist studies as well as courses to become Yoga teachers we have courses that will help you on your path to understanding the yogic teachings.

Fluid Yoga Teacher Trainings

Start your journey of teaching yoga with Fluid Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Or continue your education with Fluid Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher trainings, or our continuing education courses.


~ Testimonials ~

  • When I finished my 500-hour yoga training at Stil, I felt the need to continue exploring my spirituality, and delve deeper into yogic and Buddhist philosophies and practices. Triyana was the means to that. It has provided me with a deep understanding of these teachings, while at the same time giving me the opportunity to practice with a group of like-minded people. I feel lucky to be able to do my spiritual practice supported by teachers and students that motivate me along the way!

    S.M. – Massachusetts, USA
  • (Triyana) What a true gift it has been to have found a wellspring of wisdom that has had such a profound impact on my life. I will forever treasure the insight I have gained from such fabulous teachers as well as the community and relationships I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of and making. What a transformational experience!
    W.C. – Massachusetts, USA
  • Triyana Studies has been a loyal companion for me for the last three years. I joined the first year of Triyana because I wanted to have some consistency in my practice. I felt like I was struggling to maintain a steady meditation practice and a rising sense of anxiety in all the life challenges I faced. Triyana offered an opportunity to learn more and get grounded in specific teachings of the Buddha and it provided a community of other spiritual travelers to work with every week. I discovered and uncovered A LOT about myself, stuff that was only made possible because of the guidance of a knowledgable teacher and a supportive staff that live the practice each and every day.

    J.F. – Vermont, USA
  • Triyana has been a beautiful way to be immersed in dharma week after week and to find ways to incorporate teachings and practice into every day. It’s been so powerful for staying consistent with practice and feeling connected to others.

    S.S. – Maine, USA
  • (Triyana) With each turning of the Wheel of Dharma, the foundations for living a more peaceful and purposeful life were provided by wonderful teachers and supported by a special sangha. I have completed the 3 years but the foundations and support continue as I stay committed to this practice.

    W.W. – Virginia, USA
  • The Master Series Retreat was the perfect integration of ancient teachings with an all immersive experience. The balance of activity and rest coupled with good, healthy food and fun, new friends is already making me look forward to the next offering in the series!

    M.P. – Maine, USA
  • The Masters Retreat offered the opportunity to deep dive into Pantanjali’s teaching in a supported environment where we could break things down, line-by-line, and discuss and ask questions as needed. It really deepened my understanding of these teachings and helped me to better apply them in my day-to-day practice and interactions.

    M.H. – Vermont, USA

Resources to support your spiritual practices.

A constantly growing compilation of information, images and commentaries to aid in your understanding of the teachings of Buddhism and yoga.

  • Smṛti

    a podcast of Kevan Gale’s

    commentary on the teachings of yogic masters

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