Program Details

The Program:

With blessings and guidance from our teacher, Khenpo Lama Migmar, and in honor of his Guru's lineage, we are pleased to offer a three-part/ three year series based on the central teachings of the Buddhist tradition.

The triyana training is an immersive program that will provide a comprehensive overview of the turnings of the wheel of dharma. The course will focus on methods and practices that integrate the Buddha's teachings to awaken an enduring spiritual life of harmony, peace and purpose. 

The Schedule (Year 1):

  • Weekly online teachings and commentaries on the Four Noble Truths (posted on Sundays)
  • Retreat 1 Sept 23-27, 2020 to launch and introduce the three turnings (zoom or in-person, southern Vermont)
  • Collaborative group assignments and discussions
  • Daily practice activities including, meditation, asana, readings
  • Meditation Teacher level 1 certification upon completion of all course materials
  • Discourse on the Four Noble Truths and sixteen aspects following a curriculum from Lama Migmar’s Awakening to the Noble Truth Curriculum
  • Retreat 2 March 25-28, 2021 to deepen your experience (zoom or in-person, southern Vermont)

Pricing (Year 1):

Option A: Online participation

$1,300* for all course materials and virtual support and guidance from instructors and the sangha

Option B: Online participation + In-person attendance for Retreat 1 & 2

$2,400* for everything included above plus lodging and in-person attendance during both retreats.

*Monthly payment plans available with auto-payment contract

Continuation to the second and third year are dependent on successful completion of the first year training, consistent participation and commitment to the practices learned.

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